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  1. Scott Dalferes

    What do you think of Ron Paul?

    1. fredwilson

      i don’t know what to think. my younger brother got into him for a while and then just couldn’t get comfortable with some of his positions. that sort of turned me off to him.

    2. Guest

      I like Ron Paul. He hasn’t got a snowball’s chance of winning. His vision is radical and I tend to go for that turnaround specialist mentality in general but he’d have a lot of things working against him in DC. We do have to start somewhere though, not voting on a candidate because the rest of politicians and the big money machine therein wouldn’t support her or him isn’t the answer. I wish Gore would run… 🙁

  2. cortland

    Paul is a terrible leislator who who would make an awful President. As 41 said, “We’re not about to make that same mistake again. “