What do you get when you combine a record label and a blog?


They sign artists a song at a time, put the songs on the blog along with posts and stuff like tour info, and monetize with ads from the likes of Puma and Nikon.

I love the model. The site is still in "figuring it out" mode.

But the genius behind this is Peter Rojas of Engadget fame. So this one bears watching for sure.

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  1. Josef

    Met Peter about 7-8 months ago and heard about it then. May work with brands who want to hit an influencer market, but wondering about scale. Don’t think it will. Would love to be proven wrong.I’ve also heard directly from the major labels that they are looking to do something similar with getting the big brands to underwrite their big bands. Its been happening at a micro, disorganized way for years (sponsorships, commercial licensing), I think the majors think this is a value ad service they can provide.

  2. jackson

    Everything is still in figuring out mode, shit, I been saying that since you started this thing, it’s still the wild west, but things are coming together.I promised a blog about the quality of the Radiohead downloads, having read that they were 128 kbs. The fact is that whoever mastered those tracks was a smart fucker.I’ve gone on and on about how damaging the digital medium has been to music, and don’t get me wrong, it’s been a misrable few years, but I now see the light…….and guess what, it’s coming from our end, we’re gonna meet you there…………soon as we get paid.

    1. fredwilson

      Everything is still in figuring out mode, indeed

      1. Steven Kane

        i am really excited and intrigued by Rcrd Lbl and wish them success. but if other media marketoplaces are analogs, this kind of model probably will be horrible for music. advertising supported models do not tend to favor experimentation and innovation; rather they tend to create a mad rush for the bland but sellable middle. where does amazing innovative television happen, on the broadcast networks or on pay-TV networks like cable? if they were starting today, which magazine would get launched and funded, People or The New Yorker? Real Simple or Consumer Reports?Heck, I like mass market tunes as much as anyone, and I hope Rcrd Lbl and models like that somehow allow future generations of mainstream artists to prosper. But CBGB’s and Sire Records charged audiences to listen, they didn’t depend on sponsors, which allowed them to indulge their truly awesome vision of new voices and new sounds and new directions. Much as I love American Idol (and seriously, I do) I don’t see that as a fertile breeding ground for the next movement in rock and pop, whatever it may be

    2. Pierre

      “…soon as we get paid.”Bwahahahahaha I love that quote Jackson!I agree with you. The monetization is key. It’s not being done the way it should. Not even 20% as well IMHO. That’s one of the things my company is trying to fix.But, I’ve gotten ringtone checks, download checks, sponsor checks, streaming checks and licensing checks on top of traditional checks from plastic disc sales… so I can say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Some of those checks have even been “found money” on tracks that were never promoted so I can say firsthand that the digital model holds a lot of promise and potential that we never had before. The key is in knowing the revenue streams and being able to actively exploit them.

  3. evolvor

    I think the model works well, and is a similar to what I’ve been thinking about doing for some time. It has to make sure it delivers good product – there are hundreds of bands giving Mp3’s out for free out there, but not all of them are good. And too much free music will just mean many acts will be ignored. They have to make sure they carve a brand and an image out so people will always be interested in what music is coming out next.Genius? Others are doing it, just not as “high profile” as Rojas, which is the only reason anyone knows about it. I’ll let ’em have it. though.

  4. Steve Rimland

    We have a show called Fearless Music which airs @ 12:30am Sat. Nites on FOX ( 100 markets- 50 Million Households). which features a mixture of the some of the best in Indie and established rock artists. 3 years ago, Fearless was on NY1 featuring emerging artists. Today, the ratings for the show are pretty much #1 in our timeslot, and FOX has extened the show an additional half hour. We get over 300 bands a week trying to get on the show over our website, as well as ALL the majors soliciting. We are syndicated in Brazil, Italy, and on Jet Blue. We have a state of the art vidoe/recording studio in the film building in NYC. We shoot in 8 camera HD, coupled with a state of the art recording with pretty much every piece of vintage outboard gear needed to mix and produce world class recordings.Today we have an archive of 900 bands, with 20 New Bands a month being added. Fearless OWNS ALL the content we shoot in our studio. The format for the show is 6 bands performing 2 songs each. as well as interviews with each band. When artists come to record they usually perform 5-8 songs, which always leaves us extra songs from each artist which we can use for example online.Some of the artists who have been on the show include Paramore, KT Tunstile, Klaxons, Gym Class Hereos, and groups like Brooks Wood Band, Juliet Lewis, and Operator.We have grown this show without advertising it and publicity, but strictly from good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’. Some majors have offered us significant capital to invest in our concept, as well as to pay for their bands to get on the show. WE ALWAYS FLATLY REFUSE!! Our motto is ‘All Bands Created Equal’, and we WILL NOT aleniate our base for cash. We will remain credible. We have 4 employees who filter content all day long using various criteria which we then decide as a group to invite on. We curretnly have sponsors for Fearless, and we are profitable. We have discussions/ pending deals to start a Fearless in Europe, as well as a Fearless Radio show to be syndicated to radio and college radio.3 years ago we took the opposite approach of focusing to build Fearless soley online. As we started gaining traction offline, we focused our efforts soley on that aspect, to structure deals in which we knew one day would give us total flexability online. Our idea for our online strategy was always to partner with companies that were ‘figuring it out’.Today, we are now ready to focus on our Internet and Mobile plays, as we in tandem expand genres. If any ‘great’ minds and companies who read this fantastic blog who are as passionate about music as Fred and looking to partner- LETS TRY TO: ‘FIGURE IT OUT’Best,[email protected] http://www.fearlessmusic.tv