Should I Be A Fan Of Sequoia If It's Not Really Their Page?

You don’t need to be Union Square Ventures to create the Union Square Ventures page on facebook. Fortunately I was the one who created it and so it’s a non issue.

It turns out that the Sequoia page I linked  to yesterday wasn’t created by Sequoia. I thought that might be the case when I looked at it, but I needed the hook for my post yesterday so I went with the link anway. They have gone from 4 fans to 224 fans in one day. I think that speaks to the value of their brand and the power of a link on AVC!

The Sequoia page was created by a guy named Peter and his friend Sam created the Kleiner Perkins page. Sam’s been creating pages for brands like Ralph Lauren and the tv show 24.

What is someone to make of these "bogus" company pages? Should Facebook take them down? Or should the rightful owner be able to claim them as their own (if they want to)?

This reminds me of the early domain name wars when brands woke up and found out that the .com domain name for their brand was owned and operated by someone they had no relationship with. They then had to sue and/or buy the domains.

This will be easier since Facebook owns the name space inside Facebook and can easily sort out these issues. But Sequoia and KP should wake up and grab their fan pages before the people who are operating them do something with them that’s not to their liking.

Should we all undo our fandom of Sequioa? Not yet. Hopefully they’ll claim their page and we can be fans of the real firm.

And while I am on the subject of  what Facebook needs to do with business pages, I’d like them to add  Notes to the business pages so we can import the Union Square Ventures blog into our facebook page like I do with this blog on my personal profile. Lot’s of businesses have blogs these days and they will surely want a way to easily publish them into Facebook.

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