SMTP is dead, long live SMTP

Several weeks ago my friend Tom Evslin sent me an email with the headline SMTP Is Dead. Since Tom was the guy at Microsoft that foisted exchange and outlook on us years ago, I pay attention to emails like that from him. I read it, thought about it, and replied "SMTP is dead, long live SMTP". Tom copied a number of friends on that email exchange (one of the great things about email) and there ensued a long email conversation about the future of email (one of the really bad things about email). We put an end to that by agreeing to meet in my office this morning and hash it out.

Tom blogged about the preparation for the meeting so I won’t repeat the details of who came and what perspective each brought. As always, my blog posts for the next week or two will be heavily influenced by what was said and what I learned in the meeting.

And in proof of the fact that none of this is happening in a vacuum, I just logged onto Techmeme to find a story from Slate on the same topic. My favorite quote from that article is now headlining my tumblog.

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