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I am eager to get my hands on this new advertising system that Facebook announced. I set up a business page today and am ready to go.

Forrester says
it’s going to work like this:

1) Facebook Pages: Brands get their own profile
For the first time, businesses will legitimately be able to
setup profile pages, much like MySpace’s business profiles feature.
Next, Facebook members will add these brands as ‘fans’ (much like
friends) and this will produce a connection between the parties.
Members will self-identify with brands in what we are calling
“Fan-Sumers”. Furthermore, this service, called “Beacon” gives third
parties the ability to share information on the newsfeed and provides
lots of unique opportunities. Sponsored groups will start to evolve
into this new form brand profile as this system gets adopted.

2) SocialAds: Endorsements at the friend level lead to eCommerce
Once a member has indicated they are a fan of a brand, that
brand can choose to purchase SocialAds (from Facebook Sales or via a
self-service platform). A unique endorsement of a product or brand will
now appear on that individuals news feed or banner or skyscraper ads.
Advertisers can purchase social ads target by profile demographics and
profiles, as well as by activities done in Facebook. Payment is an
auction-based system available to marketers via both CPM and CPC

3) Use “Insight” for control and flexibility
This self-service dashboard called Insight gives the marketer
detailed knowledge how their advertising campaign is working on
Facebook. It’s expected that advertisers will have flexibility, control
over the type of ads they deploy, in what quantity, and the
demographics they want to target.

Maybe I am dense, but I can’t find Beacon, SocialAds, or Insight. Are these all vapor right now? If so, when are they going to be released?

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  1. Mike Orren

    They’re all there, Fred. And they’ve replaced “flyers” for the advertising.Look at your Apps list on your Facebook page. If you are the one who made your business page, you’ll probably see “Ads and pages” as an app.You should be able to get to ad campaigns from there. The insights are available as a selection under pages.If you can’t find it from there, let me know and I’ll send screenshots. It is hard to find until you place an ad.Advertising isn’t terribly user friendly. I got a nasty rejection on the first ad placed presumably because it was our short form url ( that redirects to our full domain ( I never would have known that if I hadn’t gone back to check stats. And it didn’t tell me why we were rejected — I just presumed and switched and then the ad worked.

  2. trademark registration

    Oh geez, I’m totally going to do this as well. I wonder if this will actually work. I know social marketing is in right now, but something I think it’s just another buzzword that’ll go away in 6 months. Who knows.

  3. pokemon

    ok. so I am supposed to promote a brand and FB get the ad revenues. Huh?