The Biggest Social Graphs

It’s easy to have Facebook on the brain with its mojo over the past year, but Saul Hansell’s post on Inbox 2.0 made me think a bit about where the largest social graphs are.

Here are worldwide UV numbers from Comscore:


I couldn’t figure out how to get comscore numbers on certain services like Yahoo Mail, gmail, and AIM and ICQ, all of which have huge databases of users and the people they know.

Wikipedia says that AIM had 63 million users worldwide in the middle of 2006. I suspect that number has gone up.

And Mike Arrington published this chart in November of 2006:


So, here’s a back of the envelope guess at the largest social graphs on a worldwide basis:

Yahoo Mail – 250mm

Microsoft Hotmail – 200mm

mySpace – 107mm

Facebook – 75mm

AIM – 70mm

gmail – 60mm

AOL Mail – 40mm

These are just guesses and not based on much other than a few numbers I quickly put together and some gut instincts.

The opportunity is certainly there for Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and AOL to turn their mail and instant messaging services into social nets. But they have to get moving.


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