The Magic Position

One of my favorite records of the moment is The Magic Position from Patrick Wolf. I’ve gone back and checked out his earlier work and while its very good, this record which came out in February, is spectacular.

It’s indie pop music, in the vein of Of Montreal or New Pornographers.

Patrick is young and incredibly talented. Apparently his shows are visual experiences in the style of The Flaming Lips and Of Montreal. I haven’t seen him live, but the photos on flickr are certainly entertaining.

Here are a couple tracks for you.

The Magic Position – Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

Get Lost – Patrick Wolf – The Magic Position

And here’s the Patrick Wolf page on HypeM if you are in the mood to sample some more.

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  1. Andy Gadiel

    Thanks Fred, listening now on Rhapsody.Check out Steel Train’s new album Trampoline (…, I think you’d enjoy it…

  2. Erik Peterson

    I agree- it is a really solid album. Another one in the same vein (but maybe a bit darker) that came out this year is Asa Breed by Matthew Dear.Overall, my favorite album so far this year is the new Of Montreal. Also super are The Besnard lakes and St. Vincent.

  3. Peter Semmelhack

    Reminds me of The The

    1. fredwilson

      Best name ever