The Open Mobile Network

I guess it’s big news that Verizon is opening its network to "any device and any app." It’s particularly big news because Verizon is a CDMA network meaning it’s not as easy to move from one device to another on its network.

I’ve been running whatever device I want on T-Mobile’s GSM network for years. I can run any phone we have in our house on my T-Mobile SIM card; Emily’s iPhone, Josh’s Sidekick, my Curve, Jessica’s old school blackberry, or any one of several older phones that we still keep around in case one of our phones dies.

"Any app" is a bigger promise although honestly I’ve not had any issues downloading third party apps to my Curve. The reason "any app" is a bigger promise is that getting on Verizon’s deck means being able to plug into their billing system.

Can I build an amazon app that lets me buy stuff on Amazon and put the charges on my Verizon bill? Well that would be a truly open network where all the functionality is made available to anyone who wants to run on their network.

I kind of doubt that’s where their head is at right now. But they’ll get there. Open is the new closed.

#VC & Technology