Why I Am A Fan Of Sequoia Capital

This weekend I became a fan of Sequioa Capital on Facebook. They only have 14 fans, so if you are a fan like me go join their page.

Why am I a fan of Sequoia? Because they are simply the best venture capital firm in the business right now. They are doing it right. And it’s impressive to watch.

On that subject, I wrote a post on the Union Square Ventures weblog this morning talking about why the best firms in the venture capital business have an advantage over everyone else. If you invest in venture capital funds or take money from them, it’s worth reading and commenting on.

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  1. bernard lunn

    I joined and they now have 99 fans. Will Fan # 100 get a $10m Series A? I am interested to see how FB evolves in the business networking space.

  2. vruz

    but then, maybe the size of the investments Sequoia makes may not be a good fit for the leanest and meanest.which of course is one of the reasons why many would prefer working with you guys at USV.but then… is it possible a future where some of the largest funds outsource part of this work to smaller, specialised, more focused firns like yours ?

  3. Giordano

    Fred,what do you think of thefunded.com? I find it very useful and, while the information has to be verified case by case, it´s a good starting point to evaluate a VC firm.Btw, you score very highly there :)Cheers, Giordano

    1. fredwilson

      i am flattered by the rankings of me and our firm on thefunded. but i don’t know if their sample is large enough or representative enough or mature enough to be valid.

      1. charlie crystle

        the sample could be large enough–something like 3,000 or so–depending on how many of them are actual startup players as opposed to the clueless.I don’t know if anonymity is fair; there’s no accountability with it. I feel perfectly free saying Steve Jurvetson is quite smart and charismatic but has no operational experience, so take what he says in board meetings with a grain of salt.But then what if VCs turn the tables, and DFJ weighs in and says something about me that I might not find too flattering (like the veiled “we don’t agree with his management style”)?Frankly, i think the ratings have been useful but limited. Relationships with VC should really be relationships prior to the term sheet to mitigagte the risk that comes with not knowing each other. The ratings don’t do anything to improve that, and might turn off entrepreneurs to decent VCs that got a bad rap in some cases but could be great in other cases.The one thing is has done, though, is make the venture community think twice about sucking so much for entrepreneurs during the money hunt. We should create a Founder’s Bill of Rights, and vice versa–define very clear rules for interaction and set clear expectations. I mean the whole industry.I posted something about it a few years back…here in the archives http://article24cc.blogspot

  4. Saffron Rainey

    Fred,10am GMT between you joining up and I joining 200 people followed your lead.I’m a big fan of Sequioa, Mike Moritz and many of the businesses they’ve supported over the years. Even Webvan for being the bell weather to me that round 1.0 of the web was a little over heated.Thank youSaffron

  5. thomas duffy

    I work with early stage ventures commercializing breakthrough technologies in industrial, resource,entertainment, and energy fields. In addition to the consulting work, there’s always a capital component and I’m always on the lookout for new, aggressive sources for these ventures.Best,thomas duffyvci.llco [email protected]