Bug Meetup In NYC Tonight

If you live in NYC but haven’t had a chance to see Bug, the SDK, and meet the Bug team, then tonight will be your last opportunity this year. Here’s the note from the Bug Blog:

Bug Labs is celebrating a
fantastic 2007 by bringing BUG+ back to our native New York. We are
hosting BUG+NYC on Monday, December 17 between 6-9pm at Verlaine,
a Bug Labs favorite located on the Lower East Side. Come by, see the
BUG and SDK in all their working glory, chat it up with your fellow
tech chums, and have a drink on us. This is our last BUG+
gathering of 2007, so we hope to see you one more time before the
holidays consume us all.

#VC & Technology

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  1. kenberger

    super-cool company. I’m planning to stop by, early.