Facebook's Not Over

But I sure like the rest of this column in the Guardian.

I think Facebook’s got a great run ahead of it based on my observation of how important it has become to my kids’ lives and how many great new apps are being created for it every day

But I do love that The Guardian lists two of our portfolio companies, Etsy and Twitter, as the leaders of the next crop to watch


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  1. gedcarroll

    Facebook may not be over, but it is suffering early adopter fatigue. The applications have become bloatware and user experience is very unintuitive. I find that it feels oppressive to keep my Facebook profile up to date and keep up to speed with the culled list of groups that I still belong to. So have been ‘piping’ in content from my flickr stream, del.icio.us, Twitter and my blog. I have tweeked the settings to minimise annoying mails and have been generally tardy in checking on to the site. If people want to get hold of me I ask them to mail me or Twitter me.Products like Twitter, del.icio.us and flickr have a purity of purpose that Facebook lacks.

    1. fredwilson

      I feel the same way. I use delicious, flickr, and twitter every day and rarely use facebookBut I believe that facebook is way more mainstream right now than the services we loveFred

      1. Justin Thorp

        Maybe 2008 will bring with it a solution that will tie together all of the different Web apps that we use so that it’d be just as much of a compelling and simple user experience as Flickr.

        1. Justin Thorp

          err I meant as Facebook… not Flickr.

  2. Loic Le Meur

    maybe we should also meet then, you will probably like Seesmic too… I am at loiclemeur AT gmail DOT com (oh and Seesmic is funded, so it’s not to ask for money, interested to meet who backs Twitter). Loic