Flying Foxes

We were walking down the path in the botanical gardens in Sydney this morning and all of a sudden Jessica starts flipping out. "Dad, are those bats?", she asked. "Nope", Emily said, "they are flying foxes". Correct Emily. The flying foxes are pretty wild looking things for sure.


They were all over the place in the botanical gardens.

And then when we walked out of the garden and into the Art Gallery of New South Wales (a great museum), we saw this installation in the lobby.


The Flying Foxes were all over the place this morning.

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  1. Russ

    Fred Wilson rocks. Thanks for sharing!

  2. rob

    Ten years ago I was in Singapore trying to build a start-up, and one long weekend we went to a remote island in Malaysia to decompress. At dusk the fruit bats (same creature) came swooping through the sky, eclipsing the stars. For the rest of our time there, when things got stressful, the running joke was to remember that trip, and our mantra was: “Giant… Hairy… Bats.”

    1. fredwilson

      That’s a great storyVery cool but somewhat creepy creaturesFred