Gawker Media Makes Our Trip To Oz So Much Better

Nick Denton has a reputation as a tabloid type. The blog world’s Ruper Murdoch. Properties like Gawker, Defamer, Valleywag, and Jezebel are the reason for this reputation.

But there’s a utlitarian side to the Gawker Media properties that gets less attention. And we’ve been taking full advantage of them during our trip to Australia.

Have you heard of Gridskipper? It’s Gawker’s "Urban Travel Guide". We became completely reliant on it while we were in Sydney.

Gridskipper does these great maps. Like the chocaholic’s guide to Sydney. Or the Sydney Rock History map. Don’t go to Sydney without an iPhone and Gridskipper!

And then today, when we got to our hotel in Melbourne, we were faced with a broadband connection we couldn’t share with our little airport express. The Gotham Gal’s laptop was connected to the single broadband connection and everyone else was stranded. What to do? Lifehacker to the rescue, of course. This Lifehacker blog post walked me through the three quick steps I needed to do to turn the Gotham Gal’s laptop into a wifi access point for our whole family. Very nice.

I am writing this blog post from that shared connection. Thanks Lifehacker and Gawker Media for being there for us on our trip to Australia!