Gotham Gal's Top Records of 2007

I haven’t begun my annual countdown and I better get busy. Only 13 days left in the year, so I can post 13 records (I always do several honorable mentions). I’ve been thinking a lot about my list, but I’ve been having a hard time putting pen to paper (now that’s a metaphor isn’t it?)

In the meantime, the Gotham Gal posted her top 10 records of 2007 (and another 10 for good measure) on her blog today. I know all of these records by heart since we take turns in our house with the sonos controller. I agree with many of her choices, but not all of them. Hopefully this will spur me to get busy.

My girls read the post and their comment was "mom, we need to teach you how to post a mp3 to the web, you have to give your readers a taste".

They are right. So here’s a taste from my upcoming best of 2007, my favorite track of 2007 (as measured by

The Opposite Of Hallelujah – Jens Lekman – Night Falls Over Kortedala

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  1. nick davis

    That’s a good list. I’m looking forward to yours.I just started to listen to Bishop Allen this weekend when Atrios posted a clip.Here’s mine:

  2. obscurelyfamous

    I consider about 35-40% of that list to be my picks as well. I haven’t listened to a few of those bands at all, to which I found your girls’ comment very fitting. The SmartLinks helped though.I discovered Jens Lekman off this blog and it’s climbing the Play Count column in my iTunes quickly.

  3. Andrew

    Jens L doesn’t quite work for me, but I’ve got to admire lyrics like: “I picked up a seashellTo illustrate my homelessnessBut a crab crawled out of itMaking it useless”My own album of the year is Iron & Wine’s “The Shepherd’s Dog.”

    1. obscurelyfamous

      I like I&W and I read nothing but good critic reviews about that album. But it just hasn’t clicked with me yet.

  4. Guest

    That Jens Lekman song might just be the gayest song I’ve ever heard in my life 🙂

    1. Jay K

      yea, I don’t like it either

    2. fredwilson

      You should check out his other stuff!

  5. trush

    Night Falls Over Kortedala is an awesome album.It’s best to listen to the whole album and certain songs will have a way of clicking with you.It quickly became a soundtrack for my nyc morning subway rides…