Josh and I are heartbroken that we can’t be in London for tonight’s Zepplin show. We had killer tickets for the show when it was the monday after thanksgiving but had to give them up when the show was rescheduled. I hope all my friends who are there have a blast tonight and I hope the band is good enough to get them to take the show on the road. Zepplin at MSG anyone?

Heartbreaker – Led Zepplin – Led Zepplin II

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    1. fredwilson

      i guess josh and i will be watching zep on youtube today instead.thanks for the linksfred

  1. Josef

    I saw the Page/Plant tour in 94 and met Robert Plant at a Sessions 2 years ago. He signed 4 pieces of vinyl (Led Zep II, Led Zep III and 2 copies of Zoso). If that’s all I ever get, then call me satisfied.

  2. issackelly

    Yeah, I’m seriously hoping that they’ll have at least a few more shows, I just don’t want them to ever try to be the stones and tour five or six more times with another couple of greatest hits albums.

  3. Kendal H

    Fred,They will be playing at the 2008 Bonnaroo festival. Let me know if you need normal or VIP tickets.

    1. fredwilson

      WowIf that is true, then it means they are going to tourI have a friend who can hook me up with tix so I’ll be fineThanksfred

      1. TC

        I presume you are aware that Ian Astbury of The Cult said on stage that they would be touring in 2008 in support of a reformed band whose two part name started with L and Z?

        1. fredwilson

          I am hearing this from several places.Makes me very happy indeed!fred

  4. Stephen L. McKay

    Fred,I was so happy for you and your son (and just a bit friendly envious, until the broken finger thing happend). I remember seeing Zep at Cobo in Detroit, long, long ago. Sometimes it’s like a real good old flame. Memories are better than reality.If you hook up tix to anything upcoming that we don’t know about, please let me know. I have credit cards, paypal, and pigion drop for ZEP!What a great way for us to shake hands and say “hello”!

  5. Hockeydino

    Giving up Zeppelin tickets?!?! CRAZY!!

    1. fredwilson

      My son couldn’t go so I didn’t want to go without himFred

      1. Stephen L. McKay

        Josh is a fortunate one indeed, and I guarantee you, if he doesn’t understand all of this just yet (he probably does), he will one day!

  6. jackson

    I’d love to see the Cult, but not if I have to sit through two hours of Robert Plant. I suppose I could leave before Zep comes on……

    1. fredwilson

      Tell us what you really think Jackson!

  7. Benjamin Bloom

    I followed the concert via Jeff Pulver’s tweets…which was surreal.

    1. fredwilson

      This is just making me more heartbroken!

  8. Mr. List

    It would have been a great show! In my mind, Led Zeppelin is the best band ever (apologies to Rolling Stones, Beatles, U2 fans, etc.) You can see my rationale here: http://fourreasonswhy.com/2

    1. Niraj S

      Hoping they play MSG – Another source also says -Led Zeppelin are rumored to be set to play three nights at New York’s Madison Square Garden venue in 2008.http://www.nme.com/news/led

  9. kenberger

    how fckn stoopid is this? Videos of the show being taken down, all but gone as of now:http://www.alleyinsider.com…Fans want to get a glimpse of what they missed. And watching the footage, no matter what the quality is certain to boost sales of current LZ goods and anticipation of whatever touring/merch is to follow… But now we can’t.

    1. fredwilson

      Very stupidThis is the band that wouldn’t sell digitally till this yearFred

      1. TC

        Who owns their rights though? Is it actually the band themselves/bad advice or management or some outside entity?