iPhone For Sale

I can’t unlock this phone and it’s driving me crazy sitting in the box it came in.

I have to get rid of it. So it’s for sale.

A brand new 1.1.2 firmware iPhone. The best offer I get by midnight monday, Dec  10th gets the phone. The minimum bid is $249, a $150 discount. Hopefully I’ll do better.

Paypal payments only.

This is the last iPhone I buy directly from Apple. From now on, I am only buying unlocked iPhones.

Fuck Apple.

Long AAPL.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. simon

    ‘Fuck Apple.’ – best quote ever .. okay maybe just quote of the day .. but its defiantly legit

  2. mingyeow

    fuck apple too. i got one for someone in singapore for xmas, and i am going to be soooo absolutely embarassed.

  3. allen stern

    If no one goes $249, I will go $149 plus lunch on me in NYC.** $25 per person or less 🙂

  4. Kendal H

    325 – Email me if good.

  5. Stan

    Easy with the language there Fred, I hope your kids don’ t read this blog. You can downgrade the firmware to 1.1.1 or less, and then unlock it. Here’s how: http://www.tuaw.com/2007/11…Dont you have a blackberry, which you can have unlocked and use for travel?If so, why unlock the iphone? Just for the sake of it?

    1. Jason Preston

      If I had an iPhone I would unlock it, too. I use T-mobile and I am loathe to switch to AT&T and get myself back into a contract.I know Fred also has T-mobile. It is cheaper and better service. Why not unlock the phone?

    2. fredwilson

      For my daughter who does read this blogI don’t view cursing now and then as a bad thing as long as its deserved and infrequentfred

  6. ifyoumakeit

    I don’t know why anyone would buy an iPhone at this point, considering a 3G version is just around the corner. I don’t know what I’m going to do between now and then (as my iPhone got stolen Friday) but a new iPhone purchase certainly isn’t in the picture.

  7. Hank Williams

    is this public bidding (like an auction). If so, i’ll bid $249. I have been thinking of getting one, but undecided. A discount would put me over top.

  8. jackson

    Further proof that the endless endevour to increase profit every quarter eventually will lead to diminishing returns As long as answering to bottom line motivated shareholders, and supplying rediculous salaries to cheif officers remain the focus of corporate culture, we’ll only see more of this shithead mentality.Live by obsoltete, die by obsolete.

  9. howardlindzon

    fuck apple, long apple.Awesome.Can I use this title for my book?’Making Money Off Trends…Don’t Let Personal Opinions Cloud Stock Decisions’

  10. rick gregory

    Yawn… phone bought with full knowledge of it’s iimits and constraints… what’s the issue here Fred? Really?I mean Apple’s very upfront with the conditions – if someone doesn’t like them (I don’t) DON’T BUY THE DAMN PHONE. But buying it (yes, I know, it was a gift) and then continually whining about those conditions is juvenile.Should they have shipped it unlocked? Hell yes. But they didn’t. If that turns out to be a bad decision they’ll suffer for it by missing sales targets. But I just can’t get find any sympathy for someone who knows the conditions, gets the phone and then acts all offended.

    1. Alex Iskold

      I still love Apple, just love it. New store in Short Hills Mall is to die for. I am joining the cult.

    2. fredwilson

      I am not asking for sympathyI want a buyer to take the god damn thing off my hands!fred

  11. Tunc Akman

    Fred; you are in NYC, iPhone as well. Why in the world your iPhone “speaks” French? Is it virgin or you did something and you cannot recover now?I offer you $300 including shipment to France with its invoice…And seriously if you hate Apple, why are you buying another unocked iPhone? 🙂

  12. Frank Lynch

    350 (plus I’ll cover any postage expense) e-mail me if good.

  13. Thomas

    With a Turbo-Sim you can unlock the 1.1.2-Version. Mail me, if you need help!Best regardsThomas

    1. DREW

      hey budi got one too. brand new out of box 1.1.2 if u can help me unlock this i ll pay yahelpcheers. [email protected]

  14. Ondrej Sestina

    Fred, I enjoyed watching your frustration and struggle with this birthday present right from the beginning up until now. I think you will not get rid of this stigma just by simple selling, it will stay with you for quite some time. You should either use it (either with a stupid ATT or unlocked) or give it as gift to whoever else – just because it is the birthday present from your loved ones! Making money out of birthday presents sounds very stupid to me, sharing the gift seems to me perfectly ok. Whatever you are going to do, do it now and fast, because the whole frustration is with you already for long time and you need some kind of rebalancing/reconciliation.PS I am happy you are still long apple and do believe there is good reason Steve has done it that way, as it has proved in similar other cases with him. Although personally, I do not like locking as well.

    1. fredwilson

      That phone that was a gift was stolenI replaced it and gave it to my daughter who uses it unlocked and loves all the third party apps she can find via installerThis one is for my other daughter but we agreed last night to give up on it and she will continue to use her blackberry which she lovesfred

  15. mike lewis

    i’m in for 350 and will pick up anywhere in NYC

  16. Frank Lynch

    I’ll up my bid to $375 so. I’m outside of North America but will cover shipping. Would so much like to get this for my wife as a Christmas present.

  17. Gilbert den Hertog

    My bid is $500, on two conditions:1. You donate $251 to a charity of choice.2. You take some time to read and comment on a powerpoint of my business plan. Once you have, you’ll understand condition 1 as well.I am based in the Netherlands and will take care of shipping cost or pick up the phone personally if you like my business plan so much that you want to meet in person.

    1. vijayan chomatil

      Hey Fred,I’d like you to read my pitch; however, i wouldn’t give you any conditions like Gilbert grape did! I’m in the us incidently!

  18. Toffer G.

    Normally I feel the same way as Fred, but after a minor disaster this weekend with my locked iPhone which resulted in a screwed up touch screen, I went to Apple store (Soho) and a “genius” took one look at it and said “how about I just give you a new one” and sent me packing. The wait took 20 mins and the conversation about :30 seconds.Its all love / hate.

  19. Jeff Judge

    fuck apple, long apple – ah haha.thank you google, long google.

    1. fredwilson

      I just wrote in another emailFuck oilLong oilfred

  20. iain

    I’ll buy it! I actually have a 1.1.2 unlocked (still with 1.1.2) via a downgrade to 1.1.1, unlock and then upgrade. I’d post the instructions but i can’t find them at the minute as they were spread across about 4 different forums and it took me about 6 hours to do it! But worth it…..So i’ll do the next best thing and take this off your hands….

  21. Nikos

    What’s the Serial Number of the phone?

    1. Jim Kerr

      Fred,I’ll pay $399 for it if you donate the $150 over your asking price to a charity of your choice. I’ll pay for shipping.Jim

  22. Edward $ Whitacre

    I don’t get this “fuck apple” stuff… bwahhh!!! I can’t unlock my phone… waaaa. They didn’t release the phone to be unlocked. You know that, AND you knew it when you embarked on this journey. Fuck Apple? No. I say fuck YOU sir.

    1. fredwilson

      i was waiting for that

      1. Jeff D

        I’m surprised it took so long for the Apple Fanboy to show up. I thought they were much more efficient than that.

  23. Gilbert den Hertog

    I guess it doesn’t count that in my time zone it’s already midnight? In any case, my offer still stands: $500 on the two conditions mentioned in my previous post. I will check this page tomorrow morning first thing!

    1. paddy

      $350.no strings attached

  24. Frank Lynch

    $399 plus shipping.

  25. Long

    if you still have the phone for sale email me@ [email protected]. thanks

  26. want iphone

    do u still have this

    1. fredwilson

      It was sold

  27. Karlee

    I’ll pay $150

  28. Farhan Thawar

    Here’s the unofficial status document: http://docs.google.com/View…You can unlock 1.1.2, you need a TurboSIM or a StealthSim. I’ve unlocked mine.

  29. david

    have you sold it already?

    1. fredwilson


  30. Plaga

    if i buy it! How im i going to unlock it dumb ass?

  31. daniel

    180 dollars for your iphone

    1. fredwilson

      I sold it a while back for 2x that price

  32. Dieter

    Is phone syill for sale?

    1. fredwilson


  33. tyler shay

    what size and would would trade a ipod touch for it?

  34. shandrika

    hello if ystill have the box and all the acceriories will buy right nbow please email me and let me know thank you

  35. Bunty

    do you still have this iphone? if you have and want to sale let me know final priceThanks!

  36. DeVonte

    ill take it

  37. Minimi

    How much would you sale? Am I too late?!

  38. Michael Tull

    If you’re still selling this phone I will definitely buy it. $250 as soon as you confirm you’re still selling it. You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 903-293-6983. I look forward to talking to you

  39. Siah Smith

    I will buy this phone from you for 250.

  40. Pearl

    Man, I got my brand new with warranty unlocked iPhone from this site and it works great. Already came unlocked and this site is nothing but unlocked iPhones.http://www.squidoo.com/ipho

  41. iphone

    please call me any day or time in 24hrs ………..if you realy wante to sale your iphone ? here is my cellphone 978-985-2061 sony … i’ll buy it ok……..or e-mail me [email protected]

  42. fawad

    i will you the money ok i need the phone my e-mail [email protected]

  43. r

    Hey if u want ill trade u. Ill trade u my treo 680 for ur iphone. Send me an e-mail if u wanna make the deal. [email protected]

  44. mike

    ill buy it for 250 right now

  45. carlos

    i need one iphone commes 347-204-7021

  46. Edward Maher

    You’re an idiot, not smart enough to use a phone, try two cans with a taut string.

  47. Ryan

    did someone get it?

    1. fredwilson


  48. carl

    ill take it for 250 and ill unlock, unless you want to some type of payment and trade for another phone like the sk?

  49. miguel

    i have a sidekick lx for sale lets make a deal….

  50. sexauktion

    I love this Iphone;-)

  51. antonio


  52. sam vargas

    i’ll buy whats your price

  53. pedro

    i want to buy this iphone please get back to me witht he email i gave you thanks i have a good deal for you and i will pay with paypal thanks alot

    1. fredwilson

      I sold it

  54. legendary conflict

    apple is so easy to break into it doesn’t make sense….. and don’t say apple sucks it’s fucken rules!

  55. ervis

    i nide to bay that

  56. heyy

    60$ commmeee onnn its my birthdayy!!! i really want it!im only 13 pleasse!!

  57. chas

    can i i buy this from you send something to my email its [email protected] please send me something and we will find something out please

  58. dennis

    I go for $250 how many GB on this IPHONE

  59. kris

    i have a 2GB ipod can i trade u and pay $71?

  60. Laram

    I will pay $300

  61. Facebook User

    I want the iphone…please do not buy a bold whatever you do, I have 3 blackberrys sitting in my drawer. i just paid $500 for a bold after $1000 in overages charges……Fuck AT&T!!!!! and they “lost” my rebate….I have paid more in cell bills than rent, since Ive had AT&T…..Im about to go to boost…oh well If I have a pink dayglo phone…lol!!!! So I am sure the iphone is gone but if not i am interested…..Jennifer W. 🙂

  62. tariq

    where do u live because im interested in buying ur phone