iPhone - Going, Going, Gone

The auction of my brand new 1.1.2 firmware iPhone on this blog worked. I didn’t set the rules particularly well, but you all got the gist of what needed to happen.

I know that Edgeio is now dead, but I still believe in the power of the blog to be a commerce platform. It’s all about audience. If you have the right one, you can sell stuff. I sold the iPhone and four tickets to the Neil Young show yesterday. Pretty cool. I don’t plan on turning AVC into eBay, but I like to use this blog to try stuff out from time to time and yesterday was a good day for selling stuff.

So here’s the deal on the iPhone. It’s going to flynch for $375 plus shipping. He bid $399 but that was after the midnight cutoff, so I am accepting the $375 offer. If flynch flakes out and doesn’t come through then I’ll go with the next best offer.  I’d like flynch to send me an email today (email is on the left sidebar) and we can work out the details.

There was a higher bid from Gilbert. It involved making a $251 gift to the charity of his choice and reading his pitch. Gilbert, send me your pitch. I’ll read it and if I like it, I’ll give $251 to the charity of your choice.

But flynch is getting the iPhone. For his wife.  For Christmas. I love turning lemons into lemonade.

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