Off To Australia

The Blogging On The Road category returns. For the next two weeks, I’ll be blogging from Down Under.

Our family boards a plane tonight at 5:30pm and a day and a half later, we’ll be in Sydney, Australia.

As usual, I’ll be blogging the trip, but this time, it will be a mix of blogging here, twittering, and tumblloging at But mostly, I’ll be hanging with my family, relaxing, and enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Australia.

#Blogging On The Road

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  1. markslater

    enjoy it fred – dont get caught up in kings cross!

  2. billerickson

    Have a great trip! It’s beautiful there. I used to live in Melbourne and traveled all over Australia.

    1. fredwilson

      Any suggestions for melbourne?

      1. Rob Barnes

        Hey Fred – I’m a Melbourne local. I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s not as beautiful as Sydney but it’s got more soul – a great vibe. Check out http://thebreakfastblog.blo… if you like breakfast. Of course you’ll hang out in St Kilda, but check out the north of the city too, particularly around Brunswick St.The botanical Gardens just below the city and walking along the Yarra can’t be beat.

        1. fredwilson

          Thanks rob

      2. stevehopkins

        Hi Fred, Melbourne is great – I love it here. I went to uni at RMIT, whose campus is spread randomly through-out the city CBD. Must see’s are:1) Shang-Hai Dumpling Noodle House. In Tatersalls Lane, CBD. The authentic dumping experience. I’m talking plastic cups, social dining, cheap, great-food. It is an experience to be had. It’s well known around town. After dinner, head to Section 8, the ‘Bar in a shipping container’ for an interesting drink.2) Bennets Lane Jazz Club. Is incredible. Prince played a surpirse gig there when he toured hear last year and Wynton Marsalis has been known to ‘drop in’ un-announced when touring with his band and play till 3am. It’s magic and a MUST visit. The room fills with people keen to soak up the music, with a firm culture around mobile phones being OFF and no talking during the set. I agree with Rob Barnes, definitely check out Brunswick street and surrounding the Fitzroy area.4) The National Gallery of Victoria/Australian Centre for Moving Image/Federation Square precinct is pretty cool, and really unavoidable if you’re in town. I’m not sure what’s on, but there is always something good. The Myer Christmas Windows are always a hit at this time of year too, on Bourke Street CBD.5) Not sure when you are around, but a visit to the MCG is well worth it. It’s the spiritual home of all things sport. If you are around when the boxing day test is being played (26/12-30/12), it would be great to take the family along to. The crowd is normally about 80-100k large on day one and two and provides a real intro into aussie culture. Day 3 is normally the best day to go, as your more likely to see both sides bat and bowl. Australia will probably murder India, so don’t plan to go day 4 or 5 as they may have finished the game by then!6) Lastly, be sure to grab a coffee in De Graves St and Hardware Lane. Best coffee in town and it really captures the Melbourne lane-way feeling. http://www.melbournecoffeer… Check out one of my posts for a little something strange to check out near Hardware Lane.

        1. fredwilson

          Wow. This is terrific. Thanks so much!fred

  3. denmeade

    as a Sydney local, i hope you and your family have a wonderful time. i look forward to seeing what your family discovers on your travels. it’s always fun seeing another perspective of places you love.

  4. BWJones

    Fred,When you are in Sydney, if you enjoy sushi, check out a place called Yoshii. It is absolutely the best sushi experience I’ve ever had with great sake as well.

    1. fredwilson

      My daughter jessica who did a ton of research on restaurants just informedme that we’ll be eating dinner there on Saturday night!

      1. BWJones

        You will absolutely love it. I wrote about it a couple of years ago here:….I hope that Yoshii is still the place I remember.

  5. Guest

    Any chance you’ll be traveling north? It’s a bit hot this time of the year, so we’ll be heading to Victoria ourselves in January, however, for the next two weeks we’ll be at our home base in Brisbane and I could offer a few tips re: food, beaches, sites…

    1. fredwilson

      We are going up to the great barrier reef but otherwise staying southFred

      1. MParekh

        Fred, if you’re anywhere near Cairns, check out the Hayman Island resort ( It’s a bit of a day trip via ferr, but really one of the places I’ve had a chance to visit. Safe and fun travels.

  6. simon

    ahh enjoi our country fred

    1. fredwilson

      Any tips simon?

  7. andrew

    Have a great time Fred.The Melbourne suggestions are all good. Should be plenty of music on as well:- Aussie legend, Mick Thomas, always plays a bit around this time of year (…- and Kings of Leon headline the Falls Festival, a big event held about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne at a seaside town called Lorne: http://www2.fallsfestival.c…. Actually, getting to Lorne is a treat in itself, as you drive along a beautiful coastal road. Might be too late to get any decent accomodation at this stage though, especially given that the weak US$ won’t get you too far. :)Cheers,Andrew

    1. Guest

      True, though Ocean Road can get extremely crowded at times, especially this time of year…

    2. fredwilson

      Wow KOL in australiaGotta check that out!

  8. trib

    Hey, Fred! Should be quite the climate shift for Christmas, although the food should be similar. We’re insane enough here to maintain the full roast dinner at lunchtime Christmas Day. 100F in the shade be damned!If you’re planning to tour ’round, let me know if you’re passing through Canberra and have time for a beer!

    1. fredwilson

      Don’t think we’ll make it to CanberraLooking forward to christmas in 100F heat!fred

  9. e.p.c.

    I was in Melbourne and Sydney in August and I highly recommend ezard in Melbourne off Flinder’s Lane.In Sydney: Tetsuya’s is fantastic but impossible to get into. Macleay St. Bistro in Kings Cross, the sushi bar in the Establishment hotel on George St. I also recommend Malaya at King St Wharf (moreso for lunch than dinner). If you’re up for exploring, breakfast (er, “breakie”) at The Globe in Coogee is a great way to start the Coogee-Bondi cliffwalk.

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks epcostelloWe were so upset that Tetsuya’s will be closed when we are in Sydney. Wewere so looking forward to it.We’ll check out the rest of these suggestionsfred

  10. Giordano

    I’ll be there in the second half of January… it’s always great to be in Australia. In Melbourne, try a restaurant on Docklands, called Livebait. Really nice and great seafood.I’ll be spending NYE in Tokyo, which I love, and right now I’m writing from Napa Valley (first time here!). Can life get any better? :)Happy holidays!Cheers, Giordano

  11. Craig Baker

    If in Sydney you can’t beat breakfast at Bathers Pavilion, overlooking Balmoral Beach.

  12. Mike Macgirvin

    Welcome – hope you have a memorable visit.I liked it so much I stayed.

    1. fredwilson


  13. rachel

    I’m so jealous – studied abroad there and then went back again for a vaca last year. Everything is amazing. The only place in the world that brings a huge smile to my face everytime I hear the word Sydney or Australia. Make sure to go to the Sydney Fish Market for lunch one day. You could just eat raw fish ALL day. Have the best time.

  14. Pistol

    fred, i am an australian myself living in london, but not from the usual sydney’s or melbourne’s – i am from newcastle. a very quiet and beautiful city 100 miles north of sydney, some of the best (and most spectacular) beaches on the east coast. if you enjoy good wine, newcastle has the hunter valley wines, so make sure you get there and eat plenty of cheese. enjoy your trip.