Out of Office Auto Replies

I am getting a ton of them from my feedblitz emails (the service that emails out links to my posts every day).

They made me think about turning them on for my email address too

But funny enough between my blog post and twitters about being away, and everyone being on vacation, it seems uneccesary.


Comments (Archived):

  1. Louis Gray

    I haven’t seen my Feedblitz be all that successful, and have considered even turning it off, to point people to RSS online. Sounds like you still like the service. What’s the % of your subscribers who use Feedblitz of the total? Is it going up, or stagnant?

    1. fredwilson

      It depends on how many subs I really have. FeedBurner says 80k. But so manyof those are not active, that its a totally useless number. I’d guess I havemore like 20k to 30k subs. And I have about 2k Feedblitz subs. So it’ssomething like 10% of my subs. But it’s a very active 10% because it’sdelivered to the inbox.Fred

      1. Louis Gray

        Thanks for your comments, Fred. I’d removed the Feedblitz link from my blog, but it’s up again, and we’ll see if people are out there who prefer e-mail to online feed readers. I also traded e-mails with the company’s founder and CEO, Phil Hollows. We’ll watch this closely.

  2. ceonyc

    Who’s ever really out of the office anyway? As if GOOG could e-mail you on Christmas Day wanting to buy your company and you’d say, “Oh, sorry, I’m out of the office until Jan 2., could I get back to you then?”I don’t want to do business with anyone who is ever “Out of the Office.”

    1. fredwilson

      That’s a funny thought charlie!

      1. ceonyc

        Look at you…you couldn’t be geographically further from the office and you’re still responding.

  3. James

    OOO Replys are one of the more ridiculous communiques of modern business. In today’s 24-hr mobile business world aren’t we always working when out of the office? Even though people turn these on, they still respond to email. So what exactly does being OOO mean?

    1. fredwilson

      It means I am not going to respond to stuff unless its important and eventhen I might not respond as quickly as normalAt least that’s what it would mean if I turned mine onFred

  4. jer979

    You could take a page out of Andy Sernovitz’s OOF playbook. That’s what I do now…Godin might call it “remarkable”http://jer979.blogspot.com/…