Peer Producing A Holiday Party Mix

The Gotham Gal and I are throwing a holiday party tonight. It’s going to be a blast. I am going to spend a couple hours today putting together a mix for our holiday party. It will be a iTunes playlist that I’ll sync to an iPod and take to the place we are throwing the party. It will be fun to put the mix together.

But more fun would be to put up a mix somewhere on the web at iMeem or Project Playlist or another such playlisting service and then invite everyone who is coming to the party to upload or find mp3s on the web and add them to the mix. As the party hosts, we’d have final say on what got on and what did not.

This is totally possible today, if the place we are hosting the party had a computer with web access connected to their sound system. Sadly, they do not. So we are stuck with the iPod this year.

Next year, I am going to do the peer produced playlist. Hopefully our new place will be done and we won’t be relying on someone else’s sound system. And the best part is that I could share the playlist with all of you too.

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