Real World Drama On Twitter

I was up early this morning (as usual) and got to watch Jason Calacanis go through the awful realization at the airport that he left his passport at his paris hotel. That was just the beginning of the drama. He twittered his plight. Called around. Got someone at his hotel to retrieve his passport and hire a motorcycle delivery man. But would the motorcycle get their in time?

Read Jason’s twitter feed to find out the details. That was fun. And it was cool to get the posts in real time as the drama was unfolding. I love the web.

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  1. Brent Oesterblad

    Having experienced a similar (yet different) circumstance when trying to depart Venice a few years ago – tipping the Water Taxi driver to “step-on-it”, now that was interesting – I can truly empathize with Jason’s angst. This example of using Twitter is a showcase of how/when the internet switches from being a work utility to being — fun.

  2. Dave Hyndman

    Funny. We were Twitter following fellow Canadian @jeremywright through very similar exploits a couple of weeks ago. A little worse: I think Jeremy actually lost his passport.

  3. greenskeptic

    I’ve been thinking there’s a great thriller waiting to be written with twitter as the device…could be fantastic. Or a novel written ON twitter, completely unfolding in real time.Readers can follow me on twitter: greenskeptic

  4. Yudai Hanza

    this is something I could not be able to know without the web, twitter and you(since I am not following Jason Calacanis on twitter). Twitter is truly useful. I love twitter because I can see someone’s mistake in their real life and that makes me laugh.

  5. Steph

    You are a total web junkie! Twitter is DANGEROUS for the soul.