Scoble Digs Bug Labs

Say what you will about Robert Scoble, he lives in real time. He met with the Bug Labs guys yesterday and whipped out his Nokia  N95 and filmed an interview in three parts.

First, Robert says this about Bug (full disclosure – Bug is a portfolio company of ours):

Wow. Wow. Wow.

If you like playing with electronics you’ll WANT one of these.

Here’s the first of the three videos (17 mins long but worth it)

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Fred Oliveira

    No wonder Robert is excited – this is amazing stuff. We need more people building devices that act as platforms. I’ve posted about this too.

  2. howardlindzon

    I just don’t know, but kudos for the intense patience of putting this together.

    1. fredwilson

      We will find out, won’t we?Remeber Bug isn’t for my daughter and her friends. That’s the iPhoneBug is for harware and software geeks who want to build stuff. And some of the things they build may go mainstream. Most will notThink of it more like linux than facebookFred

  3. greenskeptic

    This is so cool. As I told Brad at Hacking Philanthropy, I can think of thousands of applications for this for field work, whether it’s conservation planning, microfinance due diligence, etc. Really cool. (Why not be able to buy it at a Radio Shack?)

    1. greenskeptic

      and for climate change monitoring…and for remote blogging, yeah…very cool idea…I’m very excited about the possibilities here.

  4. Amirisetty. Vijayaraghavan

    This is a great product that will boost the innovation in the field of embedded devices. I would definitely love to use it to develop devices / gadgets on my own. The question I had was .. in case a developer develops a device using the buglabs components, and he wants to commercialise [ put it into large scale production] it, how easy / difficult would it be for him/her ? And.. would the existing applications [running J2ME / Symbian] be portable to your hardware ?

  5. hollabackkid

    that was really fun to watch. Peter has some super sweet WASP hair. Marketing dude straddles the douchey / legit line quite well. I hope these guys realize that every college kid in the world is going to plug in the camera, motion detector, and EVDO modem to watch their roommates have sex. Add that to the marketing pitch, Jeremy.

    1. Jeremy Toeman

      Thanks… I think. 😉

  6. howardlindzon

    after reading the last comment, I am a believer. facebook should just give them a way 🙂

  7. Michael Beckner

    Bug Labs is the new Lego.