Sydney Opera House

We got a one hour tour of the Opera House this morning. What an incredible structure and place. And what a great story about how it got designed and built. It was the highlight of the visit to Sydney for me.


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  1. Ric

    Fred – just caught up on your travel posts (and gothamgal’s) – glad you’re having fun in Sydney, but Xmas Day can be a bit hard when you’re in a strange place (hey – the beach I was on for Xmas lunch was a lot warmer!). Next time venture further west 😉

  2. Jim Duster

    Opera House was my favorite too, until you do the “walk up the steps on the outside of the Bay Bridge tour”.Sydney is easily a top 10 destination in the world, you’ll remember it long after you are gone. (or as soon as the return trip jet lag wears off, whichever is longer).Jim

  3. comana