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This blog is mostly about web technology and venture capital. But I am also an occasional music blogger, political blogger, local blogger, video blogger, and stock blogger. I have categories for each of these and for some of them (like music and tech), I’ve created custom RSS feeds. They are shown on the left sidebar just below the fold.

Here’s some stats:

Subs to my primary feed: 96,000
Subs to my tech/vc only feed: 3550
Subs to my music feed: 100

So these category feeds, which I have to create in typepad with some custom code that Joshua Schachter gave me three years ago, are not really that popular.

But today, I created another one. For all my posts on stocks and the stock market. The feed URL is here.

One of the main reasons I created this feed is so that I can import all my stock related posts into Covestor. Here’s my blog page on Covestor which should now be showing all my stock related blog posts.

I am a big fan of “write once, read many”. Meaning that if I post something to twitter, it appears on this blog and my tumblog. Or if I post something on this blog, it appears on my tumblog. Or if I write something about stocks here, it appears on my Covestor blog. That’s what RSS/feeds do for the web. Thanks to Dave Winer and everyone else who made this possible.

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  1. Seenator

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  2. k.s.reddy

    You got excellent idea