Attention Stock Bloggers – Here’s A Great Way To Make Some Money

I’ve been an investor in a company called Alacra for almost 10 years, via the Flatiron Partners portfolio. Alacra has a database of premium financial content that includes equity and credit research, merger and acquisition data, market research, and a host of other content. The Alacra database includes data from hundreds of premium content partners.

The Alacra data is sold mostly to large corporations via subscription deals but in recent years Alacra has built a nice business selling the same data to individual investors and small businesses via The Alacra Store.

Today, Alacra is launching something pretty neat. They call it the Premium Content Ad Network (PCAN). Here’s how it works. You put a PCAN ad network on your blog or web page and when you write about a public company, Alacra serves an ad featuring premium content related to that company.

Here’s the elevator pitch, taken straight from the press release:

A reader researching Apple on an investment site will often be served an ad for iPods or Apple accessories. However, that reader is interested in information on Apple’s stock (AAPL) and financial performance – not in purchasing an iPod. As a result, the reader is more likely to ignore those ads, resulting in less advertising revenue for the publisher. With PCAN, that reader would be served ads for relevant equity, credit and financial research concerning Apple, Inc.

Currently PCAN only supports public company related content. In a few weeks Alacra will add private company research to PCAN and I’ll add the PCAN ad unit to this blog. Currently I don’t write about enough public companies to make it worth it to you or me.

But if you are stock blogger (Trader Mike, Howard, etc), this should be great for you and your readers.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Michael

    Thanks for the heads up Fred, I’ll check it out and post a link on my blog.

  2. Fortino

    While the content is of extreme value, the Publisher is still at the mercy of having their audience actually go through with the purchase.Why not leverage NetLine’s and give away compelling content like a free subscription to Traders Magazine or a related podcast to download and get paid for doing so?The conversion rates for the Publisher on a free offer will dwarf those coming from a transactional based program like selling a $100 report.

  3. Bruce Warila

    And on the flip side, what a great way to ALSO gather and present crowd-sourced opinion – take the top ad-revenue-generators and present their opinions as general consensus, as blogs with a lot of relevant ad-clickers are probably steering a lot of opinions.

  4. Andy Swan

    A step in the right direction no doubt. I don’t know enough about their product offerings to make a judgement on value-to-masses, but putting “Apple” into proper context on stock blogs is an important step…..Kudos to Alacra!

  5. messels

    wow, no kidding! thanks. i’ve been wondering for a while now about the great google’s ad-sense and this is looking at first glance to be WAY more valuable.kudos!

  6. Iversen

    I think this post is not gonna make a revolution for stock bloggers.but still interesting to read ..well..something new for me..