Final Thoughts From Australia

We are going to board a plane soon and head back home. As is always the case on these year end adventures we take, we are all ready to get home. Travel, hotels, meals out, constant on the go wears you down. But it’s been great. If you haven’t been to australia (as was the case for everyone in our family), you really should try to get down here.

We spent the final days of our trip up north in Queensland sampling the beauty of the great barrier reef.


The highlight of this part of the trip, as you’d imagine, was the day we spent out on the reef. The Gotham Gal has a full rundown of that day along with some cool underwater pictures she took with her Canon digital and a underwater casing.

My favorite photo of that day is this one, showing her and two of our kids checking out the sights down below.


But when I think back on this trip, it’s not the outdoors stuff we did that will stick in my brain (as much fun as all of it was).

It’s the cities of Sydney and Melbourne that really impressed me. I am an urban person. I live in a large city and I love cities. And Australia has two of the best I’ve been in. They are full of life and energy, but also very laid back and mellow at the same time. This photo, taken in the Fitzroy section of Melbourne kind of sums it up for me.


Great country – Australia. We’ll be back. Hopefully soon.

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  1. bwohlgemuth

    We’re heading back. Christmas 2009. Looking forward to seeing the Sydney skyline light up with fireworks on New Years.

  2. dpn

    Glad you enjoyed it. You probably noticed how proud aussies are of their country 🙂 I think it’s partially stirred by the feeling that we are kinda left out of everything. Agreed on Melb and Syd, especially on Melb, love the alleyways full of cafes etc.

    1. bwohlgemuth

      Sydney was great, but we’re going to head up towards Newcastle and such. Sydney is too darn expensive and hopefully I’ll still be able to work from my house like I do today.

  3. scottythebody

    settled: we must go when the kids are a bit older.

  4. Scott Gatz

    Fred, thanks for your series of posts. We’re planning a trip in March, so it’s been nice to see someone else’s trip.

    1. fredwilson

      Make sure to read the gotham gal’s posts. Hers are much more informativeGothamgal.camFred

  5. tobiaspeggs

    Fred, I was also lucky enough to be in Oz this Chrimbo (mate). But over in Perth, WA. If you like your wines, then that area (including Margaret River) is just fantastic. And if you are already missing other Aussie delights (vegemite, curry pies, tim tams, etc) you can do worse than check out I’ve already placed an order :)Tobias

    1. fredwilson

      Thanks for the linkFred

  6. scott

    I love your holiday posts every year, always such great personal impressions. I totally agree with you on Aus, I’ve only been to the cities as I’ve only done biz trips there so far but it seems like a fantastic country. The one thing I do always feel there is that I am a long long way from everything else in the world – somethimes thats definitely a good thing, but it hits me hard when I’m in Aus.Anyway, let me know if you ever come on holiday to China!Scott from Shanghai

    1. fredwilson

      Will do

  7. Adrian

    Hope you enjoy the reef, if you want to see it again I’d recommend “soon” rather than ten or twenty years time. Sadly, its being killed off at a phenomenal rate by fertilizer run off from subsidised farmland (mostly sugarcane and dairy) and increasing ocean temperatures.

  8. aizheng

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