Kind Of Funny, Kind Of Ridiculous

My kids bought the first seasons of Heroes in Australia for the flight back to the US. It was one of several DVDs they bought in Australia. They watched them all on their laptops.

They didn’t finish it so Josh pulled the CD out of his laptop and put it in our DVD player. He got a blue screen (why is bad news always delivered in blue in electronics?) that said "region not supported" or something similar. He asked me what that meant. I told him that our DVD player would not play an Australian DVD. He was incredulous. How could that be? This is the generation of the Internet we are talking about. They think its one global economy and don’t understand why if you bought a DVD in Australia it won’t play in the US.

So he was bumming out and then I pointed out to him that we have a Mac Mini in every entertainment system in our home. So he just switched the input over to the Mac Mini and is watching Heroes just fine.

Kind of funny but also kind of ridiculous.

#VC & Technology