Melbourne Is A Very Cool Town

In an earlier post, I compared Melbourne to Los Angeles. From a topography perspective, I still feel that way. But in terms of cool factor, it’s more like NYC. We loved the neigborhoods and the overall vibe of the town. My favorite spot was this super cool movie theater on a roof in downtown Melbourne. This rooftop movie theater is set up to take text message drink orders. You just set up a tab, then text their short code your seat number and what you want. Can’t beat that or the really comfortable blankets they provide.


We ate dinner at a thai place in the same building called Cookie which was pretty close to the food we got in Bangkok. All in all, I’d have to say Melbourne is my favorite of the places we visited in Australia.

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  1. Nick Gonios

    FredWhen are you in Sydney, Australia? You’ve got to come up and see our small town :)If you do, let’s connect!Nick Gonios

  2. Geoff

    Wow that looks a real cool cinema 🙂 many thanks for all your updates I really enjoy reading about your travels. Would love to show you all the sights in Cambridge UK!

  3. pglyman

    What a great idea..the rooftop theater and the ability to text your drink order. Concept should work in any bar right? Bar would probably sell more drinks too. Last time i was in NYC with my car I was thinking it would be cool to be able to txt/sms your parking garage to let them know your coming. You could send them your ticket number. Ex. “Car#53423” to short code. Do this 20 min before you arrive to have the car ready and warm. Who knows maybe this is already available at some garages.Melbourne looks like a pretty cool place Fred. It’s fun to watch your travels.

  4. amcdey

    As a local Melbournian I’m proud of our little city and excited that you can place it on par with such an amazing city as NYC. I suppose one often neglects the local eccentricities when they are at your own door but Melbourne truly has some of the most amazing bar experiences I’ve known in my travels. The entire building hosting Cookie and the Rooftop cinema has some other great bars in it and if your into cocktails the Top of the Toff is pretty good, another favorite cocktail bar is Murmur (still in the CBD)How much longer are you in Melbourne for Fred?

    1. fredwilson

      We left melbourne about four days ago but its still calling me. We’ll be back. I wish I could spend january there.Fred

  5. Giordano

    Cookie… so many fond memories :)I’m going there in a week!

    1. fredwilson

      EnjoyA bunch of great rock shows will there in januaryFred

  6. josh

    Wow. I was kinda worried for a moment when you wrote your post about Sydney. But I’m glad to see that you saw the light and realized that Melbourne kicks butt. As a Melbourner, now living in NYC, I can see the parallels. Melbourne (and NY) is a city keenly tilted towards appreciating the finer cultural points of life. Along with the great museums and parklands, the number of small independent festivals, cafes, and assorted tidbits make it a very rewarding place to live. One thing I definitely miss in NY the Asian food. My old place was right around the corner from Victoria St, in Abbotsford. If you want to taste some good Vietnamese, I recommend a visit – it will only highlight how lame Chinatown is in NY, despite its size.One day I hope to return. I find the notion of starting and raising a family in NY a little daunting. I don’t know what a childhood would be like without parks, rivers and the beach – which are all easily accessible from inner urban Melbourne.

    1. fredwilson

      Well you can get out to coney island but its not as close as st kilda’sI agree about the asian food, particulalrly vietnamese and thai. Australia really is part of asia. That’s the thing that probably was most telling to me on this tripIt bodes well for the australian economy. If this is going to be the asian century then australia’s place as the most english place in asia is quite a strong positionFred

  7. Amar

    Whose picture is it on the top left hand corner..looks like an album cover?

  8. ozwebfx

    I’m glad that you enjoyed Melbourne.I’ve been living here since 1993, originally from London.Melbourne has all the benefits of a big city but is still small enough to be able to get around relatively easily.The weather has been great lately & nice beaches are just a short drive away!