MP3 Blogging - Tying Things Back Together

I mentioned recently that I had moved my daily mp3 posting from this blog to

A bunch of commenters said that was too bad because they weren’t going to read two blogs.

But one commenter, Daryn, did something about it.

He gave me (and anyone else who wants it) some javascript that creates a portable tumblr music player. Here’s daryn’s comment along with the code.

you just need to add the following two lines of javascript whereever
you want the widget to appear, replacing the dn_tmblr value with your
own tumblr url ( )

<script>var dn_tmblr="";</script>
<script src=""></script>


Here’s the player it creates.


In honor of Daryn’s work, I have replaced my avatar on the upper right of this blog with the tumblr player for a little while.

You can forward and rewind through the various songs I’ve posted on tumblr and you can play them with the play button at the botttom.

I’ve got two requests for Daryn:

1) can you make the player a little thinner (175px would be ideal) so it fits better in my sidebar?
2) can you give us an option to play the entire playlist in reverse chronological order instead of just one song?

In any case, this is a big improvement. It ties everything back together nicely. It brings a daily source of new music to this blog. Thanks Daryn!

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