My mp3 blogging (continued)

I think some of you may have misinterpreted my post from this morning

I do intend to continue to blog about music on this blog and when I do I’ll certainly imbed a mp3 for those who like to sample the music

But I am posting an mp3 almost every day on tumblr. As do others like Bijan, Joelaz, Rach, and several others. Its become a great little music community that I enjoy being part of.

I’d link out to their tumblogs so you can check out their music too if you’d like. But I am posting this on my blackberry so I can’t

The good news is that a reader has hacked together a streampad style player that will aggregate all my tumblr mp3 posts and I will put it on the sidebar next to streampad

So this blog is not going silent. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression about that. Its just that I am music blogging elsewhere these days and I wanted you all to know that