Pier 40 Rally On Sunday

I’ve been blogging about Pier 40 since last spring.

For those who don’t know Pier 40 is in the Hudson River Park at Houston Street and is a 15 acre, 1.2mm square foot structure that currently houses downtown manhattan’s largest soccer and ballfields and numerous recreation and community groups.

Next week the Hudson River Park Trust is going to decide on a plan to turn it into a huge entertainment complex. This Sunday at noon, there is a rally to "celebrate Pier 40." It will be held, naturally, on the center courtyard ballfields (shown below).

If you live in NYC and care about parks and communities, please come and show your support. Again it’s a noon on Sunday in the Pier 40 courtyard.



Comments (Archived):

  1. Rob Poitras

    Actually it would be cool if they built a huge entertainment complex under it then had the soccer field 20 stories up. Otherwise keep the field and fun, and forgot building some* ish.

  2. Dave Murrow

    Thanks for the reminder – I’m a Chambers St guy and spend a lot of time in the warmer weather at the pier.

    1. fredwilson

      Hope to see you there on sunday!