Qtrax Doesn't Sound Very Good To Me

Qtrax announced at Midem in Cannes that it is launching a free ad supported P2P service with 5mm tracks initially and 25mm tracks very soon.

I like the idea that you take all the files that are out there on the P2P networks and build a legal service on top of them. And I like the idea that its free and ad supported.

But Qtrax isn’t for me, at least yet.

I want to be able to play the music in any device (sonos, pc, mac, iPod, Blackberry, etc, etc). Qtrax requires the use of a proprietary player built on top of Songbird.

But worse, it requires the files to have DRM on them so they can’t be played elswhere.

What’s the point of having files in the first place if you can’t play them everywhere?

I’d rather use a streaming service like last.fm, rhapsody, or hype machine than this thing. At least some of those services are turning up on connected devices and mobile phones.

My gut tells me that files should be paid for and streaming should be free and ad supported. Curious what you all think.

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