I had the opportunity to spend some time with Loic Lemeur yesterday who is the founder of Seesmic. Many of you probably know or know of Loic. He’s the man behind the LeWeb event and is a well known blogger and twitter community member. Loic is building a new company called Seesmic which is esentially video chat in twitter style.

In spit of all that, I had never met Loic. I know it’s hard to imagine, but true. He works in the same building as my friend Mark so I stopped by yesterday and within seconds, we were setting up a Seesmic account for me and doing some video chatting. Here’s my first Seesmic post. My seesmic username is fredwilson so if you use seesmic, you can follow me.

In that first seesmic post, Loic offered to give seesmic accounts to any of my friends and followers and the requests have been coming through via email pretty fast and furious. I’ll get to all of them but probably not until I get back to NYC this weekend.

#VC & Technology