That's Me - The Poster Boy For The Second Worst Date Behavior

This will teach me not to let David Karp shoot a photo of me holding up gadgets.

David did that last fall at a Facebook hackathon in our office and the photo was posted on tumblr.

Someone used it to anchor a post on the second worst kind of date behavior (out of a list of 50).

My neice found it and sent it to her dad, my brother, who passed it around our family.


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  1. Mary Specht

    Hahaha–I’m actually pretty impressed when guys whip out both an iPhone and a…is that a Newton??

    1. fredwilson

      Yes it is. The original manufacturing run

      1. Mary Specht


  2. bijan


  3. Jeff

    That’s the problem with these internet tubes. My brother googled me and found a twitter post stating that my wife was pregnant. Thwo days later is when I told him the news and his reply was, ya I no. Saw it on the web……Oops.Never again does a spur of the moment tweet like that go out from me.

  4. chrisherbert

    And here I was thinking Fred was only big in the tech blogosphere, he’s huge everywhere. And thanks to Google cache, that great photo will be on the interweb for the rest of eternity.

  5. jackson

    Seems you’ve been microchunked.

  6. Andy Swan

    Worked on the Gotham Girl….. 🙂