The Big Three

As the car industry here in the US wanes and the geopower of the US wanes, the term The Big Three will cease to mean GM, Ford, and Chrysler and will mean the three global superpowers; China, Europe, and the United States.

That’s the conclusion I come to after reading Parag Khanna’s piece in this weekend’s New York Times Magazine. I highly recommend this article. It opened my eyes to a bunch of things that are happening right now or are going to happen in the next 5-10 years.

Here’s a quote from the article

The Big Three are the ultimate “Frenemies.” Twenty-first-century
geopolitics will resemble nothing more than Orwell’s 1984, but instead
of three world powers (Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia), we have three
hemispheric pan-regions, longitudinal zones dominated by America,
Europe and China. As the early 20th-century European scholars of
geopolitics realized, because a vertically organized region contains
all climatic zones year-round, each pan-region can be self-sufficient
and build a power base from which to intrude in others’ terrain. But in
a globalized and shrinking world, no geography is sacrosanct. So in
various ways, both overtly and under the radar, China and Europe will
meddle in America’s backyard, America and China will compete for
African resources in Europe’s southern periphery and America and Europe
will seek to profit from the rapid economic growth of countries within
China’s growing sphere of influence. Globalization is the weapon of
choice. The main battlefield is what I call “the second world.”

That’s just a taste, I recommend you go read Waving Goodbye To Hegemony.

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