The Nun's Litany

I am testing out the new Yahoo! music player that I swapped in for the delicious playtagger.

This song is called The Nun’s Litany. It’s on the new Magnetic Fields record, Distortion, that is due out this coming week. I love the Magnetic Fields and this song is terrific. It’s about a nun who secretly wants to be the opposite of what she is. Enjoy.

The Nun’s Litany – The Magnetic Fields – Distortion

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Raj

    I *must* see them on this coming tour. It’s an absolute must.

  2. Guest

    Hi Fred, I might have something on my side blocking it but I still see and can use playtagger and don’t see the Yahoo Music Player…

  3. J Herskowitz

    Yeah, I’m still seeing Playtagger… not Yahoo’s new player. You can also check it out in action here ( – along with my thoughts on it.