Top Things We Liked About Australia

I’ve been twittering the top things I like about Australia for the past day.

Here’s my list in reverse order, plus a couple random posts that got into the twitter stream.


#Blogging On The Road

Comments (Archived):

  1. Kirill Bolgarov

    you dont have half flush in toilets in america?even in russia we do have those 2 buttons on every toilet in a public place, despite that russia has tons of water and any “green” thing is being laughed at here…

    1. fredwilson

      I have not seen the half flush button in the usFred

  2. Carl Rahn Griffith

    i loved/miss the sky at night – especially when in the centre en route to/from uluru, so in a vast area with zero light pollution – lying on the back of the truck at night, watching so so many shooting stars – beautiful.

  3. michael

    fred, your trip sounds amazing. i wonder, however, that as a wine lover why you didn’t mention any aussie vino? nothing good come your way?

    1. fredwilson

      Well I did a post about our trip to yarra valleyBut honestly we tried and tried to find something to rave about and didn’tfind itI’d say we sampled about 20 different wines in countryfred

  4. foodtraveler

    The licorice you described is very good as you said. It is so much better than the licorice most of us grew up with. However, better still is Panda brand licorice made in Finland. It is the best. In Calif. Trader Joe’s carries it.

  5. dgulbran

    If you like the Australian licorice, you can get it all over the place in the US (at least in Chicago, I’m *sure* you can get it in NYC). but I agree with foodtraveler, I love the Panda stuff…I am still amazed we don’t have the full/half flush options on American toilets. They are all over Asia, and I’ve seen them in several places in Europe as well. They make perfect sense to me, and I just don’t understand why all new construction in the US doesn’t use them. Pure silliness.