Why I Don't Like The iPod Touch

I mentioned in my thoughts from the eliptical trainer post yesterday that I don’t like my iPod Touch. Several commenters asked why. Here’s why:

1) It’s 16gb. My former iPod was 60gb and you can now get 160gb iPod classic for $349 whereas the 16gb iPod Touch is $399.

2) My iTunes library is around 50gb. So when I synch the iPod Touch, I have to synch a single playlist. When I find new music, rip CDs, buy music on Amazon MP3, etc, I often forget to add it to my iPod Touch synch playlist. So I walk out the door and the music I want isn’t on it.

2) The user interface is completely different than iPod classic. It mirrors the iPhone music interface. Which I hate. Sometimes I get stuck in the screen listening to a song and can’t figure out how to get out. The buttons across the bottom for artists, songs, albums are so small that I often select the wrong one.  It took me days to figure out that you had to click on the screen a second time to see how much time was left on the song or change the setting from shuffle to regular play. And those shuffle buttons are so small it takes me forever to change them. The audio volume slider is not granular enough so I am always fussing with it for 15 or 20 seconds to get it right and I often blow out my ears as I make that selection.

3) I never use the wifi or browswer on it because I have a wifi blackberry curve and that is so much more useful because it has email, sms and google maps on it. I know that for a $20 upgrade you can put additional apps on your iPod Touch, but I don’t really care to do that anyway.

4) I find it hard to pause the music and lock the screen. I’ve been in meetings when my iPod Touch started playing through the earbuds because I leaned on it through my jacket.

The bottom line is that the iPod Touch suffers from not being a very good iPod and not being a iPhone. If you want an iPhone, get one. If you want an iPod, get an iPod Classic.

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