YottaMusic RIP

Yottamusic.com was a super slick web client for rhapsody. I’ve blogged about it frequenty and extolled its many virtues including social networking, last.fm and twitter integration, and much better UI

Bijan has the news that yottamusic is no more, shut down at the request of rhapsody


That’s just awful.If real networks and their partners at MTV were smart, they’d make rhapsody the streaming music service that powers all sorts of music services, web, mobile, and in home

Rhapsody should be like dial tone. You subscribe to it and use it wherever you want

The fact that they’ve shut down yotta shows that they are old school luddites without a clue.

Screw them. I am so off of Rhapsody as soon as someone like spotify comes along with the right model.

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