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I’ll be spending the next couple days at O’Reilly’s Money/Tech Conference here in NYC.

This is a sector I’ve invested in since the very early days of the Internet and really enjoy thinking and learning about. I plan to bring my new macbook and blog and twitter as much of it as I can.

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  1. stevenloi

    Hi Fred,I would appreciate any and all updates! I really wanted to go to this… but being in Silicon Valley, my team nor I can afford to attend (even with the 40% discount the event coordinator offered me). Building something in this space, the information would be great of us to evaluate our project.Thanks in advance!Steve

    1. fredwilson

      Please follow my twitter feed. I think its going to be easier to blog this day on twitterFred

  2. raza imam

    Thanks dude. I wish I was there, but reading your take on what’s going on is the next best thing.Raza Imamhttp://BoycottSoftwareSweat…

  3. Pierre

    I’m out of town so I’m going to miss it.I’m definitely subscribing to the feed.Good stuff Fred.