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We will be seeing a version of this play out in
Turkey. It’s an interesting market. Piracy has all but killed physical CD sales
and, online, people just don’t seem to be convinced to pay for music (i am
excluding mobile here). So far, online
sales have largely been subsidized by FMCG companies as promotions. Now TTNet, the Turkish broadband monopoly,
has cut a deal with all turkish labels (turkish market is 90% local music) to
offer the entire digital Turkish music catalog through a subscription. Then, they went ahead and included the
subscription in their higher-end pricing, and are offering it at a nominal rate
to other subscribers (nominal meaning $3-5/mo.) So it is now a utility. Supporting your last paragraph, Fred, I am watching to see how
progressive they will get with this. The
smart game is building a robust API and let tothers get creative.

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