Event Firehoses On Twitter

On Sunday night, our family sat down to watch the Oscars. Out of the six of us, four had laptops. Jess was doing her spanish homework. Emily was Facebooking and IM’ing. Josh was playing facebook and miniclips games. And I was twittering the Oscars.

I had the following tabs open; IMDB, twitter, and three or four tweetscan tabs. I was following my own twitter stream on twitterific.

I’ve been using twitter a lot lately to follow events, usually when I am watching them on TV. I’ve done that for several of the democrat debates. And I did that for the super bowl. But the Oscars were the best event so far. The banter about the various outfits, monologues, and speeches was very entertaining.

I’ve been thinking that there’s a better way to do this going forward and I am hoping someone will build this for me and everyone else who likes to hang out in twitter for these kinds of events.

Tweetscan does a great job of surfacing up interesting conversations about a certain keyword. Here’s the tweetscan result for Jon Stewart. Here’s the tweetscan result for Oscars. Here’s the tweetscan result for Diablo Cody. All of those tweetscan pages are interesting, but not nearly as interesting as they were during the Oscars.

Here’s what I want. Give me a twitterific style desktop client that I can type keywords into. For the Oscars, those keywords would be jon stewart, oscars, diablo cody, javier bardem, etc, etc. When I told Andrew this idea yesterday, he suggested that you call these collection of keywords "events" and you let one person build them and many people subscribe to them. Exactly.

Then you sit back and watch the conversation happen. When you want to wade in, you can post or reply. It’s as simple as that.

On top of everything else that it is, Twitter is a humongous chat room that you can subscribe to slices of through various interfaces. You can follow a certain group of people. That’s the primary use case. You can  track all of the conversations about certain keywords using the twitter track function. And increasingly, you can create other slices. Tweetscan has really opened my eyes to the value of slicing into and out of twitter discussion.

When an event goes down, I don’t want to just follow my established group on twitter. I want to follow the event in its entirety. Via a firehose of twitter chatter. That I can participate in when I want. Someone is going to build this. And I am going to love it.