Here's What We Have To Do

If you are thinking about building a web service, take the advice of Seth Godin. This is from his post today on rethinking what an auction can be.

my point is that this is just the beginning of using internet tools to
change the world we interact with, as opposed to trying to make it easy
to interact with the standard world using the Internet

Marc Andreessen said this about web 2.0 last year:

what we have seen over the last several years is the Web itself coming into its own.

After an initial phase of the Web as a medium, in which lots of people attempted to make the Web look like a newspaper, or a magazine, or a TV channel,
we as an industry have recently been collectively developing a much
clearer idea of what the Web is really like as a medium in and of

This has led to broad realization of a set of design patterns for how Web services and Web companies often get built and used.

Which is great.

Exactly. But as Seth said, it goes even farther. The web is changing the world we live in. And we have the tools to change it even more. Way more. That’s what we have to do.

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