My Song Circle

Daryn told me about this cool trick with his tumblr player. You can type in as many tumblr urls as you want (separated by commas) into his script and get a player that plays a whole song circle’s playlist. Here’s my song circle in action. Enjoy.

warning – the load time is long if you put about ten blogs in it like i did.

#My Music

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    1. fredwilson


  1. JPersch

    I think I would listen to tumblr more if I could jump the player out into it’s own window. I don’t sit on one page long enough to get through a whole song and I really want to continue listening and not have to open link in new tab. If you know anyone there, tell them to get that option in their player.I am a talk radio listener in my car and this would be the only way I was exposed to any music other than the Wiggles.

    1. fredwilson

      I agree with your comment completely. But this player is not a tumblr player. Its something daryn hacked together in his spare timeFred

      1. daryn

        Hi guys, i added a pop-out link, although it’s not working quite right for this post, i think because there are two copies of the widget on the page.

        1. JPersch

          Thank you for that. I am going to be surfing while listening to new music today.