New Tumblr Homepage

One thing I never liked about the home page of is that I thought it was wasting the attention that the front page of a web service normally gets. Well David and Marco sure fixed that with the launch yesterday of Tumblr Radar, the new tumblr front page. Part digg, part delicious/popular, part flickr’s interestingness, and all tumblr. It’s awesome. Check it out. (in case you don’t know, USV is an investor in tumblr).


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  1. Steve Poland

    Where’s the RSS feed for the tumblr radar?

    1. fredwilson

      I will find out and get back to you on thatAs always, great question

    2. fredwilson

      stevethey don’t have one at this time.fred

  2. jeremystein

    i love the music section. i wish there was a filter on this page that only shows audio posts.

  3. Alex

    It looks really good…..flows nicely!btw- your post *maybe* should have had a disclosure: “It’s awesome. AND my firm is an investor in the company”

    1. fredwilson

      Good pointI added the disclosure

  4. Andrew

    the only thing i do not like about this service is not being able to have more than one tumblr site within your login. – you need to use a new email address for each site to login. i have a tumblr for the images of my pup for family to see and I don’t want to combine other ramblings that my family wouldn’t be interested in.

    1. fredwilson

      I have the exact same issue, I have three tumblogsIt’s annoying

    2. fredwilson

      andrew – i got this from Marco at TumblrYou can do this by creating a public Group under your main account. You don’t necessarily need to invite anyone else to your group. Many people use this approach to maintain multiple tumblelogs from one account.Contact [email protected] if you want any previously-created non-group separate tumblelogs to be converted to groups that could be merged with your main account.-Marco

  5. leigh

    So far liking tumblr groups as well…..testing it with the strategy group at my company for the next two weeks…trying to avoid the email scrums that tend to happen….I know some people have tumblr pages with comments – wold be good if i could figure that out…..(finding templates with functionality, exposing the code on templates – finding all that a bit difficult)

  6. Ari

    What are your thoughts on Tom Hayes’ Attention Rights Movement?

  7. Elia Freedman

    Well, I’ll be the negative nelly on this one. I have heard you mention Tumblr a few times but never made it over to check out what it is. I did today. Unfortunately, I still have no idea what it is. Oh well. They lost their chance to suck me in.

  8. Karen E.

    I started a Tumblog! I am so excited. I am going to wait to announce it for a month. Try a few things with it, you know. Anyway, congrats to the team because it really is a great service. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Typepad, I really tried, but you were too complex with too many pricing schemes. iWeb on my Mac, I wanted to love you, but when you first came out you were so incredibly broken. I’m sure you’re better now, but guess what, like all things dot-mac, you don’t show me the love. So, Tumblr, you might be it! To be continued …

  9. Chris Phenner

    I miss the Tumblr “old” homepage. I loved how it focused the action. For first-time users, it isolates the ‘do’ on the homepage for jumping right into the service. Amost every site offers first-time visitors far too many options and assumes way too much about about what visitors know about the site. Try visiting Netflix (not logged-in), then log in and see how the site changes dramatically — they treat each user type as special.I randomly visited Tumblr’s homepage to make the above point to someone, and had a “Who moved my cheese?” moment, it was a bummer. For return/repeat users, bringing the content/programming forward makes sense, but for first-timers (and most visitors of any service are), it assumes too much, in my view.