Please Barack - Don't Stop Debating

I read this morning in the NY Times that Barack Obama declined Hillary Clinton’s invitation to a debate a week for the next month.  The Times quotes Obama as saying:

“I don’t think anybody is clamoring for more debates,” Mr. Obama said. “We’ve had 18 debates so far.”

Mr. Obama added that he would agree to at least one debate, but noted, “It’s very important for me to spend time with voters.”

Well Barack, I am clamoring for more debates. That makes one person. Please weigh in via the comments if you too would like more debates.

I honestly don’t know a better way to "spend time with voters" than by answering questions side by side with his competitor in front of a national television audience.

I made my decision to vote for Hillary on the morning I voted. Apparently many others did the same and the last minute vote broke for Hillary.

For me, a big part of my decision was the substance she showed in contrast to the lack of substance that Obama showed in the Los Angeles debate. If Obama is going to be the nominee, and I’ve said many times that I’d be fine with that, then he needs to show more substance, define what exactly he’d do to fix the big issues that face our country. And now that the country is watching, there is no better way to do that than a debate a week for the next month.