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Yes, today seems to be a day to blog about cool stuff coming out of our portfolio. I’ll continue if you don’t mind.

If you look just below the music player on the upper right of this blog, you’ll see something that looks like this:

My Smart Profile

That is a link to my linkedin profile, but because I have the smartlinks javascript in my blog template, it also generates a smartlink. Try clicking on the little blue icon, and you’ll get some data on my background and links to a bunch of my profiles on the Internet.

There’s obviously a lot more that can be done with this, but it’s a good start at building an aggregated profile.

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Comments (Archived):

  1. Andrew_Meyer

    Fred, thanks for the heads up! I will be adding this to my blog.

  2. austin

    This is a great feature, the one area I found room for improvement was by following Smart Links to Related Links…. and then clicking on the Google link which searches you on Google… They could make this more accurate by correlating other items in your profile, to the search.. obviously this is quite advanced nonetheless, important.

  3. Austin

    For some reason thinking of a smart profile makes me think of how cool it would be to add a “Wall” to your blog, similar to the wall on facebook, where people can leave random comments, a specific thought, (this could be a place where they can respond to your twitters or other random things happening on your blog, such as music, etc) I see value in this because it creates a greater community connection!

    1. fredwilson

      That’s what happens at

  4. Seenator

    Fred,Are Smartlinks going to have an API? E.g. If I pass a search request for your Name, will I get all the URLs/profiles related to that name in an API?Nik

    1. Alex Iskold

      Hi Nik,We are planning for a broad SmartLink API and yes, then you will be getting the profiles information in the response that we currently have. Please note that this is essentially what Google annouced last week and companies like Lijit and MyBlogLog already offer.

  5. Oskar Austegard

    “If you look just below the music player on the upper right of this blog, you’ll see something that looks like this:”hmmm… ok, yes you do, if you wait the 25 seconds it takes to load after all your widgets are done. Time to go on a widget diet again, Fred.

    1. fredwilson

      Sad but trueI can’t help myselfI am a widget addictWhy can’t someone build the akamai of widgets?Fred

      1. bernard lunn

        “Why can’t someone build the akamai of widgets?”Seriously, its an opportunity. You may have the most widget encrusted page on the web but methinks others are on the way. BTW, I have no idea how to solve this technically, sorry.