Some More Thoughts On Pro Bloggers

Chartreuse has asked me to retire the word journablogger and I agree that it’s an awful name. So I’ll just call the bloggers who are making money doing this full time ‘professionals’ and people like me ‘amateurs’. I think that’s not exactly right either but at least it puts a nail in the coffin of a bad word none of us want to see used again.

First, I am sorry for singling out Matt Marshall and Erick Schonfeld. I didn’t mean to take a shot at either of them and I realize that both of them are among the best at what they do. I was trying to highlight examples of quick posts that I felt didn’t really dig deeply into the issues. Further, Erick talked to me when he was doing his post and I felt he either didn’t get what I told him or he ignored it. Which of course is his perogative.

Mike Arrington thinks I owe them both a call before I call them out on their posts. That would have been a nice touch, but I think blogging about it is a better thing to do because it’s now started a conversation, both in the comments to my post, and on techmeme.

Now the specifics of both Matt and Erick’s posts are getting debated. And the points I made in my post are getting debated. We’ll all get a lot more out of these three stories in the end and that’s a good thing.

Blogging is a discussion and it doesn’t matter if you are a problogger or an amateur, you get to participate. That’s progress for sure.

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