Song Circles

Sometimes the best things on the internet are not intentional. Over the past several months, I’ve developed a song circle with a small group of friends on tumblr. They include Rach, Bijan, JoeLaz, Daryn, and Lindsay. I know a few of these people and plan to meet a couple more shortly. But we never planned this song circle. And this is my song circle. Each of them has a different song circle.

I just started posting a song every day on tumblr. You can listen to my songs on this blog on the upper right (check autoplay to make it a playlist).

Then I noticed others were doing the same. I started to follow them in my dashboard. Then I found the filter button in the tumblr dashboard and started filtering for audio. That gives you this:


Now every day I try to listen to the song circles we create. It’s not that we share exactly the same tastes in music. But it’s close enough. It’s like going back to college and hanging out with friends and playing music for each other. It’s wonderful.

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