Super Delegates Have No Place In A Democracy

I think that we should have called Florida a tie in 2000 and had them vote all over again. Settling a presidency in back rooms, even if the back room is the supreme court, is not good for our democracy. It reinforces the idea that we have a rigged system

And the same is true of the 795 ‘super delegates’ that are up for grabs and who will surely determine who is the democrat nominee for president

I read this quote in today’s New York Times:

‘The remaining undecided superdelegates … in many ways (are) the final contest of the nominating battle’

Apparently there are about 300 undecided super delegates. So this comes down to back room deals made with these 300 people?

In the book ‘The Bronx Is Burning’ there is a story about the runoff between Ed Koch and Mario Cuomo for the mayor of New York in 1977. There was a short period of time between the first primary and the runoff. During that period Ed Koch ran around promising whatever he had to give away to get the support of leading elected officials, unions, and other big democrat power bases. Cuomo refused because he felt it would impact his ability to govern. Koch won.

We can all see the same kind of thing going down in the democrat party and I don’t have to say who plays Koch and who plays Cuomo. That’s obvious

Howard Dean, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and the DNC need to broker a deal now that forces the superdelegates to vote for the candidate who has the most regular delegates or who won their state or something similar. Otherwise this nomination process will be suspect and the party will be damaged in the fall contest and for years to come.